“and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God

and to heal.”    Luke 9:2

Dear Friends in Christ,

          During the month of September, we had a visit from United Methodist missionaries Mutwale and Kabaka, who shared with us how we are involved in ministry in Tanzania.

          We also heard testimonies from the Appalachia Service Project team of volunteers. Stories of their hands on ministry, including stories about Samaritan’s Purse and UMCOR, revealed how we are involved in Appalachia.

          The quick response of the United Methodist Committee on Relief to areas of the country and the Caribbean recovering from recent hurricanes, and the church’s generous response likewise reminded us that we are in ministry to areas of the country where ministry is needed.

          And the volunteers who fed the homeless at the Life Center or Media Food Bank evidence our involvement in ministry in our own community.

          This month a visit from the team starting a church in Coatesville, PA and a visit from Bishop Lunge of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (home of the MPASA Nutrition Center & Pediatric Clinic) also show our intentional mission giving at work and our congregational witness increased.

Each of these visits; each experience of Lima volunteers in mission is an encouraging reminder that we are faithfully “proclaiming the Kingdom of God” and serving in ways that bring healing and wholeness to individual lives and communities.

Mission is at the heart of ministry, and especially at the heart of Lima’s ministry.


       Pastor Bob