God is with you

Carolyn Bobiak

 Scripture:  Psalm 23

David may have composed this Psalm while he was yet a shepherd boy watching his father’s flock on the very same shepherd field where 1000 years later the Angel Choir announced the birth of Jesus.

The 23 Psalm is one of my favorite scriptures.  When difficulties arise in my life, or what may seem like a crisis, I tend to lose sight of the comfort God has promised in these verses.  When I feel afraid, overwhelmed by circumstances, these verses always come to mind.  I repeat them slowly, many times over, absorbing them into my mind and heart.

The first verse reminds me of whom I have asked to be in charge of my life.  The second and third verses are an invitation and restoration, a time for quiet listening for His will.  For me, the fourth and fifth verses are the most powerful.  Here God reassures me that even in the darkest situation, He is right there with me.  Even my enemies cannot devour me.  God’s promises in the scriptures are my protection.  He has prepared a feast for all of us who choose life with Him.  My cup runs over with blessings.  He has shown me through the salvation given me in Christ that He loves me.  No matter what, I will always have a home with Him.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I thank you for these verses of comfort      When life causes me to lose sight of Your promise of protection and healing, and I start to worry, help me to remember that it is You and not me who is in charge.  Amen    


God’s Majesty

                                                                                      Tom Ellis


Scripture:  Psalm 8

I remember as a teen ager canoeing on a northern Wisconsin small river and coming around a sharp bend to discover a new fawn on a sand bank.  He lay still as we coasted by. What struck me most about this experience was the glory of God in all his natural world. 

I have constantly had the same feeling about this glory as I have studied the human body and first aid.  God put so many varied parts together to create each and every person that I am left in awe of the magnitude of the task. 

The ancient psalmist points us toward God as the creator of all things and then placed man in charge to maintain and protect this world.

Prayer: Thank you God for your creation—for nature in its beautiful, complex form.  Thank you for placing us here to enjoy and protect your world.  Amen             


Trust in the Lord with all your heart

                                                                       Charlotte Ziegenfuss

Scripture:  Proverbs 3:5

Each time I enter the sanctuary at Lima Church I’m drawn to the gloriously stained glass window.  The central figure in the window is our Lord, Jesus Christ.  The sun shining through the window enhances the brilliant colors in the glass and highlights the figure of Jesus.

When the sun shines brightly through the window it illuminates and glorifies Jesus.  Just as the sun illuminates Jesus, it reminds us of Jesus’ presence in our daily lives and His illumination of the paths we should take as we follow Him.

On a cloudy overcast day, however; or, in the darkness of evening, the bright sunlight that illuminates Jesus isn’t there and the window is totally dark—no light is present.

The contrast between the illumination and the darkness in the window serves to remind us of the Lord’s presence in both the light and dark days of our lives.  He is with us always if we trust him with our hearts and our lives.

Prayer:  O God, help me to trust you at all times.  Amen